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This is presentation of musical project of multi instrumentalist, singer and software developer, who enjoys making music the same was as developing software for different target devices (from desktop to mobile). Bellow is a list of recent recordings, written, arranged, played and mixed in a little home studio in Slovenia. More songs are available on SoundCloud. You can also check android apps published on Google Play.

Here is latest Yearsmith songs list, free for download

1. Behind  
2. So Beautiful  
3. Hurt  
4. What A Shame  


List of latest cover songs. He especially enjoys performing Les Mis and The Beatles. Les Miserables 10th anniversary concert is one of the top music event.

1. Empty Chairs At Empty Tables - Les Miserables  
2. Don't Let Me Down - The Beatles  
3. Stars - Les Miserables  
4. Fantine's Arrest - Les Miserables  

Please follow link on Google Play where all of the apps published by VSGA trademark are available for download.

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Hansel's Personal Radar

Portable Ruler

Animals Speedometer Experience

GPS Fuel Consumption

Save The Cheese

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